Q&A 问答

What form does a tutor need to upload after setting up schedule with the learner? 义工辅导确定好时间表以后要上传什么表格?
Please upload a Schedule Confirmation to keep Coordinator updated.

How to upload my volunteer hour?如何上传我的义工时间?
Click following link or find it under the My Account menu. 点击下面链接或者点击My Account菜单栏中的Volunteer Hour Report。https://peermentor.ca/member/volunteer-hour/

How to get my Volunteer Certificate 如何获得我的义工证书?
1. Special Event Certificate特别活动义工证书: Please email info@peermentor.ca, includes your full name, date/time, hours and event name.info@peermentor.ca 请发邮件注明您的全名,日期/时间及活动名称。
2. Tutor Volunteer Hour辅导义工时间: Please verify your volunteer hour if you have reached 10 hours minimum requirement. If you lost track of your hours please sent email to info@peermentor.ca, with your full name. If you already reached 10 hours, please send request to the same email address for your certificate. 请事先核对您的义工时间是否达到10个小时的最低要求。如果您不记得自己做了多少时间,请发邮件到info@peermentor.ca查询,邮件注明您的全名。如果已经达到10个小时请发邮件申请您的义工证。

Any other questions please contact info@peermentor.ca
还有其他问题请发邮件至 info@peermentor.ca