Tutor Confirmation

By filling up this form, the tutor you’ve contacted will receive general instructions as below to carry out their tutoring activities. Read more….

Hi {Tutor Name} ,

On behalf of PMA, we are happily to confirm acceptance of your application to PMA volunteer tutor. 

Here are things you need to do to proceed your tutoring volunteer experiences.

  1. Please contact the parent {Parent_name} which our HR have provided to you to setup tutoring schedules for the student {Student_name}. Phone:{Phone Number} Email:{Parent Email}
  2. Click here to update the schedule confirmation once you have successfully setup.
  3. After each session of class, please report volunteer hours using the form under MyAccount on PeerMentor.Ca website or click here
  4. If you need to cancel a class, please try to give parent/student 24 hour notice in advance.

Click Here to Confirm

Thank you again for your application. We wish you a great success for your volunteering. If you have any question you can continue to contact the HR or send us a message.


Peer Mentor Association


HR {Name}.

Phone: {#}

Note: {Message}.

Tutor Confirmation

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