Tutor List

Tutor List

216Yun di Fei672 514 738311feiyundi12345@gmail.comMaleJ.N. BurnettAcademic, Music, SportsMath, SciencePianoOtherI am very good in physics and maths scoring 99 in grade 11 Pre Calculus and currently 100 in grade 11 physics. I have completed the RCM level 10 piano exam. Furthermore, I am currently acclerated in both English and Pre Calculus.
I can speak and understand Mandrin. Furthermore, I love playing badminton, I have been apart of the Burnett Badminton team for two years now. I hope this makes me a valid candidate. Thank you for you consideration!
215Tom Xu778788888812tomxuyutang@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicMathI am skilled in mathematics and is currently a Calculus 12 student maintaining great work ethic and grades. I would like to begin with elementary school level math. I am available on most week days from 3-5PM
214Leyi Feng778863510212fengleyi06@gmail.comFemaleMoscrop Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, ChineseMath:
1. finished and got 100 for Pre-Cal 12 in G11
2. self-studied Calculus and got 4 in AP calculus AB
3. took Waterloo Math contests and was on Honour roll of Fermat and Hypatia last year

Note: I am will to teach Pre-calculus for all grades
213Rosie Wang672515147110rosiew2008@hotmail.comFemaleRobert A. McMath Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI’m currently in grade 10 talking pre calc 12
212Maham Malik647877241712mahamusmanmalik@gmail.comFemaleTommy Douglas S.S.Academic, ArtsEnglish, Math, Science, SocialDrawing, Painting-Math
-Social studies
211Ricky Nguyen672 513 994611rickynguyen1126@gmail.comMalePinetree SecondaryAcademicEnglish, Math, ScienceSkills: Coaching, leadership, assisting middle schooled children
210Eric Su(778) 636-351011ericsu3510@gmail.comMaleNotre Dame Regional SecondaryAcademicEnglish, Math
209Jeffery-Wang778899312310wzheyuan07@gmail.comMaleVancouver CollegeAcademic, SportsEnglish, Math, Science, Social, Chinese, OtherTennis
208Terry Wang236515311011terrywtr2009@gmail.comMaleUniversity Transition ProgramAcademicMathMath, I’ve participated and received awards in many contests.
207Jessica Jin672991139611jessicakim3568@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary schoolOtherAny levels of Mandarin
Available at any time except 11:45am- 2:00pm On Sunday
205Sarah Yu604677539710sarahybyu@gmail.comFemaleEric Hamber SecondaryAcademicMath, EnglishStraight A student, currently in grade 10, but enrolled in Math and English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology 11. Also completed ARCT certificate for RCM.
204Ian Shang778681999011vipianshang@gmail.comMaleSLSSAcademicScienceI am generally good at classical mechanics, up to gr 11, some grade 12 things like torque I'm ok with too. My specialty is vector addition using the component method. I cannot teach some parts of electricity like EMF and terminal voltage, however the basics like circuit combination and Ohm's law I can still teach. I can explain all 4 laws of thermodynamics, with the 2nd law being my specialty. I can do black hole and wormhole physics for astronomy, including Hawking radiation. Quantum mechanics and general relativity I have some basic knowledge in those areas too along with theoretical physics. I can do up to grade 11 math. Qualifications for math and physics are below, my grade 11 report cards.

203Bruce Huang778861818911yellocsp@gmail.comMaleCollingwood SchoolAcademicMath, English, Science2 Years Experience in Paid Tutoring
Have been featured in Writing Competitions such as Polar Expressions Publishing
4.0 GPA
202Eric Su778636351010ericsu3510@gmail.comMaleNotre Dame Regional SecondaryAcademicMath, English
200isabella su778883294511isabellasu124@gmail.comFemalenotre dame regional secondary schoolAcademic, MusicMathPianoI am qualified to teach piano as i have graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I am also qualified to teach elementary level piano.
198Alan Fu236509299311alan335411@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademic, SportsMathBasketballI am currently a grade 11 IB student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. I've finished pre-cal 11 and presently studying HL IB Math. I've received certificates of distinction from various math competitions, and I speak fluently in both Mandarin and English. More importantly, I enjoy playing with or teaching children. As for sports, I've played basketball for over four years, and attended several competitions. Any children with any level are welcome.
197Nick Zhang778869571810n03.zhang.div03@gmail.comMaleElgin Park Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, English, ScienceI prefer tutoring Grade 3 - 8 Math. I scored 100% on the Pascal Math Contest and became the student champion this year. I was also certified for distinction in the Cayley, Gauss, Fryer, and Math League contest year.

I have enjoyed Mathematics since a young age. Solving challenging problems and sharing mathematical ideas with friends of different ages make me feel awardable, even though some problems can be frustrating or some solutions are challenging to explain. Discussing math with older students often gives me ideas, and I always hope to do the same to younger students to help them become better at math and enjoy it more. Therefore I signed up to become a Math tutor on this website, and I hope you can learn and improve from me.
196Qiyue Huang77888339329qiyue.huangwedo@gmail.comFemaleSentinel Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI got A in Math for grade 8 & 9. I like to challenge myself when there are Math problems above my grade level. I'm going to take grade 10 math in summer school as I'm hoping to take grade 11 Math in grade 10. When I notice peers having struggles with Math, I have the urge to help them.
195Yifei Peng778238985610yifei.figo.peng@gmail.comMaleSentinel SecondaryAcademicMathI can grasp all math concepts starting from Grade 9 to below with little to no difficulty.
Up to Grade 8 is fine
193Qi Zuo778992666711yeqiandji@gmail.comMaleRc PalmerAcademicMath, OtherI’m good at math, I could also be teaching Chinese. I can be tutoring for 1 hour per day. And for the time availability, It’s 5-6 or 6-7
192Henry Chang2366683358117785121915chang@gmail.comMalePrince of Wales secondary schoolAcademicMathI could teach Math or Physics Physics 11:96, Pre-calculus 11: 95, physics 12: 91, AP physics 1: 4.
191Ding Johnson236967039811johnsond680@edu.sd45.bc.caMaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademicMathAble to teach grade 1-9 math. I'll try my best!
190Iris Guo60475371669iris.guo2007@outlook.comFemaleLord Byng Secondary SchoolAcademic, Music, OtherMath, Science, OtherTheory, Piano~~Science~~can tutor students with little to G8 science:)
I am passionate about science and wish to become a doctor. The three fields that I am particularly talented in are Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine. Through summer courses, I gained research skills and knowledge about Evidence-Based Medicine, clinical trials, and how to conduct research properly. I will incorporate independent projects if needed.

~~Math~~can tutor students with little to G9 math skills:)
Got straight As, participated in the Gauss and AMC competitions, accelerated in math (currently working on Pre-Cal 11), had previous experience with math tutoring.

~~Coding~~can tutor python beginner to intermediate students or GUI coding software like Scratch:)
I began learning Scratch in grade three and python in grade eight. Coding has been my favourite extracurricular activity all time. In today’s technology-lead world, coding has become almost a mandatory skill. I was experienced with all aspects of coding: Scratch, python games, algorithms, and machine learning. 

~~Piano~~can tutor piano beginner to intermediate students:)
I began learning piano in kindergarten and participated in various competitions. Currently, I am working toward getting the ATCL diploma at Trinity College London. I have had previous experiences with teaching beginner students.

~~Theory~~can tutor RCM level 8 theory or equivalent:)
I passed grades 8-10 RCM theory exams with First-Class Honors and Honors scores. I am well aware of students’ difficulties when learning music theory.

~~Special Tutor~~for anyone!
* I can be a friend
* I can be a guide for anyone who feels like they are lost in this world
* I can be a quiet listener for your thoughts (I will keep this confidential)
* I can help in finding one’s goal
189Xiangyu - Li60435260489ylf.kevinli@gmail.comMaleRE Mountain Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, OtherGood at math & Mandarin. All A at math and Mandarin till now.
Prefer tutor math grade 1-7 and Mandarin.
188Selene Chan236 512 808410selenechan0828@gmail.comFemaleU-Hill SecondaryAcademic, ArtsEnglishDrawing, SketchingI am good at both English and Art subjects. For English I learn at a grade 10 level and would prefer to tutor students on the younger side from around level grade 2-4. I can provide simple worksheets, reading comprehension, writing practices and spelling practices. For art I mainly do basic drawing skills and character design such as drawing and shading in shapes and how to draw certain items (flowers, clothing etc.) as well as how to create characters and design them. Please understand for art I am not a professional and still learning, and that my skills in character design do not cover all styles of characters (I focus on anime style)
187Vivian Xing604222222610via. hill secondary schoolAcademicMath, English, SocialFor English and literature based experience/achievements, I’ve competed in various public speaking contests and have participated in different Youth New York Times writing contests such as The multimedia contest. In terms of academic writing, I am confident in my skills of essay writing formation and structure. I am able and would prefer to teach topics such as debate, public speaking, presenting, academic writing, analysis, etc. for ages only up to 6th grade. I will provide PPTs and resources in PDF format for teaching. The level of teaching and what to focus on can be discussed.

Summary of English experiences:
1. New York Times contests
2. Public speech contests
3. Formal and informal debates
4. Trained essay writing (3-4 years)

For math, I have sufficient knowledge within math up to pre-calculus 11 but I am most confident in my basic algebra skills and would prefer to ONLY teach elementary school children. (Up to 6th grade) Math teaching materials will include a PDF version of the textbook according to BC’s curriculum.

Summary of Math experience:
1. Solid experience up to pre-calculus 11
2. Confident in teaching math from any level to (pre)algebra at the highest.

For social studies, I have already accomplished regular school courses of up to Social Studies 11.
186Yiding Shan604652151811shanyiding@gmail.comFemaleSemiahmoo SecondaryAcademic, ArtsMath, Science, OtherDrawing, SketchingMy average highschool scores: math 99%, science, 95%, and physics 100%. Also, I took multiple AP exams and received 5 on all of them (Calculus BC, Physics, Macro and Microeconomics).
In addition, I attended a sketching class, and had my artwork presented in the Surrey Art Gallery.

Subjects I prefer to tutor:
- Math (grade 1 - 12)
- Science (grade 1 - 10)
- Physics (grade 11)
- AP Macro and Microeconomics
- Drawing
- Sketching
185Melvin Tao604729962812dttntsb@gmail.comMaleUniversity Hill SecondaryAcademicMath, ScienceI can tutor math and physics, somewhat okay on chemistry but horrible on biology.
184Rin Yu778861893910rinnums.yixi912@gmail.comFemaleSlssAcademic, OtherMath, SocialI have lots of experience with tutoring, I often tutor peers with science and maths.
181daphne zhang236885713910punypotato00@gmail.comFemaleuniversity hill secondaryAcademic, ArtsEnglishDrawing, Sketchingi have experience in sketching and painting, i have taken art class for a total of 3-5 years as well as i also have a little bit of experience in animation and cartoon/anime. i can also teach life skills (cooking and sewing) and arts and crafts, which includes clay work, jewelry, resin etc. i am a native English speaker and i am at a level that fits in with the BC grade 10
English curricular, i excel the most in creative writing such as story writing. i prefer to teach people of grade 5 and under, and i do not have a preference in teaching math as i do not believe i am qualified to do so.
176Howie Li778512292810howielee0928@gmail.comMaleMcmath secondaryAcademicMathgrade 7 and below
175Yongyi Li778636491912liyongyi519@gmail.comMaleCanada Star Secondary SchoolAcademicMathThe top 25% of contestants in the Hypatia Contest in the year 2021
174Jessica Liu604-782-992811jscliu5@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, EnglishI'm currently an IB Year 1 student. I am planning to take Math AA HL and English HL. I have already completed Pre-Calculus 11 and have participated in many math contests, like the AMC, Pascal, Gauss, and COMC. For each math contest, I have at least achieved the top 25%. I have also participated in the VSB gifted program for creative writing and a writer's workshop during elementary school. I have always gotten A's for both Math and English. I have volunteered before, but have never tried tutoring. As a result, I wanted to try something new and it's great if I can help children to learn along the way. I am available after 6 pm on both Friday and Saturday. I can tutor for an hour per week.
173Kevin Wang77886706889kevinzeqinwang@gmail.comMaleSteveston-London Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI am currently studying at Steveston-London Secondary School (in a special class for more talented and diligent students called Spectrum). The subject that I show the most expertise in is Mathematics. Although I am a grade 9, I am currently learning pre-calculus 11 with a math teacher outside of school. However, individually, I have gained some knowledge on concepts that are learnt in pre-calculus 12 and calculus. An achievement that I currently have right now is that I got 750/800 on an official SAT exam on my first attempt at the test (for practice at home).
172Michael Mo64799678559haoranmo9@gmail.comMaleSaint Robert Catholic High SchoolAcademic, ArtsMath, English, ScienceDrawing, Sketching, Painting, CartoonI have won an art competition for paintings of salmon and have been drawing for no less than 5 years. I am experienced in most forms of art, whether it be acrylic, water colour, digital art, or otherwise. I am also proficient at math, and I have a passion for science. I combine my love for Biology and Art to make monsters that also make sense. I also have written many stories, such as one that is about a marine biology research base on the edge of the Mariana Trench. I’ve also written essays, some of them concern the great books of the western world, while others concern mundane things like paper.
171Kary Xu6047007059Grade 12karyxu2004@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademic, OtherEnglish, SocialElementary School English, preferably Creative Writing
Ancient History (Greece, Rome) & Modern History and Politics
170rin604715868210rinnums.yixi912@gmail.comFemaleSlssAcademic, OtherMath, English, Science
169Jiayi-Wu778 8680 22212daisyw13691369@gmail.comFemaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolArtsDrawing, SketchingI have experience with charcoal, pencil, acrylic, and mix media. I've received an A in all my art classes for the last four years and received 90% in my IB HL visual arts class last year. During last summer's Cornell visual arts program I received an A+. Because only one image is allowed, I put my work in other files.
167Eddie Zhang64782312919eddieh.zhang@gmail.comMaleSt Roberts CHSAcademicMathI am currently in the pre-IB program at my high school, and I am learning math and physics ahead of my grade. In these subjects, my knowledge is at grade 11 level. I have experience with teaching young children, and currently I am tutoring a grade 5 student French in private school. I was also a volunteer teacher for coding in a non-profit organization.
165Jingyue Liang778723093911Jerry050611@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, ScienceWith my recent Pre-Calculus 12 course I took at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, I believe I can make a substantial contribution to the peermentor program. I have earned Third Place award in AMC 10, awards of distinction in multiple math contests such as COMC and Gauss. Furthermore, I have a silver medal award in British Columbia Chemistry Olympiad, silver in the Chemico 12 Chemistry Contest, and a Certificate of Excellence in Canadian Intermediate Math Contest

I would prefer to teach elementary school children.
164Glenn He647323925511glenn.he05@gmail.comMaleSt. Robert Catholic High SchoolAcademicMath, ScienceI have achieved exceptional marks in both math and science, having received a 95 in grade 11 functions, 97 in grade 10 math, as well as a 96 in grade 10 science. I have passion for arithmetic especially, having attended multiple extracurricular courses, encompassing even grade 12 functions and grade 12 data management, to expand my knowledge.
163Vincent Zheng647-539-538810vincentzheng2006@gmail.comMaleSt. Roberts Catholic High SchoolAcademicMath, EnglishI have completed elementary school and parts of secondary school with high grades. My Math and English grades in grade nine are both 90%. I feel most comfortable teaching grade eight and below although I can teach grade 9 to some extent.
162Anqi Ruan2365126759113267140453@qq.comFemalePinetree Secondary schoolAcademic, OtherMathTook math pre- calculus 11 and get 97%
160Haochen li778919041311lihaochen4130@gmail.comMaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, Science, OtherI’m an international student. I came to Vancouver in the 9 Grade. I’m good at Math, programming.
159Yiyang Bao23699205251040551965@qq.comMalePrince of Wales secondary schoolAcademicOther
158Shenger Chen778776663311chenshenger@gmail.comFemaleEric Hamber Secondary SchoolMusicPianoI’ve completed RCM Level 10 Piano, Level 10 Harmony and History, ARCT Piano Performance, ARCT Harmony and History, Elementary Piano Pedagogy, Intermediate Piano Pedagogy. I finished all the music theory levels and I’m a certified piano teacher. Happy to teach students piano in all levels!
157Martin Xie+1 (778) 798-336810xieyx06@gmail.comMaleSouthridge SchoolAcademic, ArtsEnglish, Social, OtherDrawing, Sketching, PaintingHi, I’m a student going into grade 10 in September. I’m able to provide help in both academic and art subjects, including English, Socials, French, and art in most mediums (even media arts!). I look forward to improve these areas of strength of mine all the time. For instance, over this summer I completed a college prep course at UPenn about English and ancient mythology. For another, I’m regularly attending B1 French classes. I’ve also been drawing and painting for pretty much my whole life, and just finished a NYU program that covers a wide variety of art subjects so I’m happy to help you with that. Apart from taking these courses, I just enjoy learning about the subjects mentioned above in general! Especially talking about humanities, French and really, any kind of art. I am patient and understanding, therefore I can teach various age groups.
156YUCHEN WANG23686810139lingwang1013@icloud.comFemaleSir Wilson Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademic, ArtsEnglishDrawing, PaintingShe got got the grade 5 BALLET and inter foundation BALLET certificate in RAD. And she also is working on her certificate in the arts of AOMA.
155Dora Yuan77878843896helen11994231@gmail.comFemaleDr. Annie B. Jamieson ElementaryAcademicEnglishI am a Chinese immigrant and I moved to Canada four years ago.

My writing submissions have been featured on CBC Kids News, and I self-published two (English) books on Amazon.com. I have been public speaking for two years, and recently I was placed 22nd on the UBC Debate Tournament out of over 200 people.

I like to help peers who need ELL support learn and master the English language, and I find joy in teaching.
154Ruth-Zhang226985172011zhanruth943@gotvdsb.caFemaleLondon Central Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, EnglishI have received two Waterloo math contest certificates in grade 10 and 11. I would prefer to tutor elementary school students. I am also fluent in Mandarin.
153Grace Jiachen Cai60432276778gracecai2000@gmail.comFemaleKillarney Secondary schoolArtsCartoonI am good at drawing creative cartoons and pretty paintings, I’ve won a best composition award at the Youth World Cup painting competition and a first prize at the Xu Beihong Art Competition for Children and Young Adults. I would prefer to tutor younger children in grade 2 - 4.
152Yize Liang077832529739liangyize0719@gmail.comMalePrince of WalesAcademicMath, English, OtherI can teach Math English Madarin Social Science for kids
151noah shen60436381569noah.shen@mycw.orgMaleCollingwoodAcademicMath, English, SocialI have 3 years of debate experience, I have gotten second place in the 2020 Georgetown fall tournament. I have math experience up to pre-calculus 11 currently and will be taking pre-calculus 12 next year. For English I have won an award for the Polar Express short story competition in February. I have experience in all normal academic categories, aside from these three, to the grade 9 level currently. I will be going into grade 10after the summer break in Collingwood.
150Chen Chen Zhang778-999-252111chenchenjyzhang@gmail.comMaleDavid Thompson SecondaryAcademicMathI have gotten the highest grade in my math honours classes multiple times in the past. I have also achieved high scores and sometimes the highest mark within my class on math contests such as the Pascal, Gauss, Fryer contests.
149James Zhao236865306610shengwenzhao1024@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, ScienceMy talented subjects are math, science, computer science, and psychology. In the previous school years, I demonstrated a strong academic achievement. I got 100% in my precal 11 class, 99% percent in my science 10 class, 98% for computer science 11, and 99% for precal 12. I also completed AP Computer Science A and AP Psychology courses and received a full grade of 5 for both exams. Learning in advance, I am currently taking physics 11 in summer school and my current grade is 99.4%. From all of my academic achievement desbribed above, my talent in math, science, psycholgy, and computer science courses are illustrated. Additionally, my ability in time management and acquiring knowledge and my leadership in my classes are perfectly revealed in the grades I received. Therefore, I am qualify for this online tutoring volunteer.

Also, I always want to challenge myself and I receive lots of certificates from the contest I participated in and from VSB international student department. I won the top 25% of contestants in Gauss Contest 2019, Pascal Contest 2020, Cayley Contest 2021, and Canadian Computing Competition 2021. I insisted on participating competitions every year because I love challenges and indeedly, these certificates, these accomplishment I acheived, made me a great challenger. Additionally, for 3 consecutive years, I won the annual Outstanding International Student Certificate for 2019, 2020, and 2021. My academic achievements were awarded with these certificates and also, proved my qualification for this volunteer oppotunity.

Lastly, I enjoy teaching and I love to share and spread my knowledge to the people around me. In my math and science classes at school, I always help my classmates solving hard problems and teach them when they are confused by some procedures. Personally, the feeling of accomplishment after teaching others and helping them learning is incredible. Therefore, I am convinced that I am a great candidate for this online tutoring volunteer.
148Ningang (Victor) Han60436969379vh3824@gmail.comMaleLord Byng SecondaryAcademicMath, SocialI'm talented at Math and Socials (However I do not have access currently to a socials textbook, and the subject usually requires a textbook). I'm fine with tutoring all students Gr 7 or under for both subjects.
146Selene Wan778-929-09609selenewan2006@gmail.comFemaleR.A. McMath Secondary SchoolAcademicMathMy math marks from grades 4-9 have all been As and I have a large interest in mathematics I would love to share.
145Yuhan Qiu236868778211qiuyuhan66@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMath, ScienceI would like to tutor Math from Grade 8-11 and physics/chemistry under Grade 12. I have attached my grades at school. Hope to hear from you soon!
144Jiahe Ding (Riley)7782226627113276894839@qq.comFemaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademic, Arts, OtherOtherDrawing, CartoonI prefer to tutor Math, Mandarin and Cartoon.
I have been learning Arts since i 3 years old (Cartoon, Drawing..).
143Ruobing Zhou778-869-965592018ruobingz@gmail.comFemaleUniversity Hill SecondaryArtsDrawing, Sketching, Painting, OtherMy training in visual arts started when I was five years old, which allows me to be experienced in numerous artistic fields like drawing, sketching, painting, as well as architecture design/modelling. Furthermore, I got into both the Art Exchange program and the Architecture Intensive Program provided by Arts Umbrella, a non-profit centre for arts education since 1979. I believe that my passion for arts and my friendly and patient personality makes me capable tutor. I would like to tutor peers from kindergarten to grade 5 at arts.
142Ryan Liu778926077611ryanl6699@gmail.comMaleJ.N.BurnettAcademic, MusicMath, English, Science, OtherPianoExceptional at Math and Sciences, a competitive badminton player, and have played piano for 9 years. Have had volunteer experiences before at badminton centers and other achievements listed below in resume file.
141Ruby Shi604445672311rubyshi@mypacificacademy.netFemalePacific academyAcademicMathI am good at math and I'd love to tutor math. I got A for math 9 and pre-calculus 10. I've already passed the challenge test to skip pre-calculus 11. I got the math award from Pacific Academy in 2020. I enjoy solving math problems.
140Angela Zhang604516916210angelazhang260@gmail.comFemalePort Moody Secondary SchoolAcademic, Arts, Music, SportsEnglishSketchingTheory, PianoVolleyballI am currently enrolled in the IB program at my school and was on the honor roll this year. I have gotten good marks in English (I've attached my report card for this year). If possible, I would prefer to tutor grade 8 and below English.

I have been taking art classes for almost eight years now, both as an extracurricular class and also in school. I would like to tutor beginners at art.

I have also been learning piano for almost nine years now, and taken multiple exams to prove my competence. I am currently in level 10. As for theory classes, I have gotten high marks on my exams and have completed level 10 and level 9 harmony. I would prefer to tutor level 8 and below theory, and level 7 and below piano.

For volleyball, I have participated on the school team before, and have also taken classes and joined volleyball camps. I would like to tutor peers who are beginners at volleyball.
139Nick Zhang77886957189n03.zhang.div03@gmail.comMaleElgin Park Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI prefer tutoring Grade 3 - 7 Math. I scored 100% on the Pascal Math Contest and became the student champion this year. I was also certified for distinction in the Gauss, Fryer, and Math League contest year.

I have enjoyed Mathematics since a young age. Solving challenging problems and sharing mathematical ideas with friends of different ages make me feel awardable, even though some problems can be frustrating or some solutions are challenging to explain. Discuss math with older students often gives me ideas, and I always hope to do the same to younger students to help them become better at math and enjoy it more. Therefore I signed up to become a Math tutor on this website, and I hope you can learn and improve from me.
138Kevin Hei778862900110 (just finished this summer)992860586@qq.comMaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMathI can teach math from g1-g6.
137Vivian Ji43155756889xiaoweiji05@icloud.comFemaleRichmond Hill High SchoolAcademic, ArtsMathDrawing, Sketching, PaintingI finished grade 11 math course in school. Also, I participated in math contests held by University of Waterloo and got school champion in grade 8 and scored 145 in grade 9. I am good at oil painting, drawing and sketching.
136Andrew Yang77886966759y.andrew0302@gmail.comMaleSteveston London SecondaryAcademicMathPreferred Subject: Math Level 0 in the Kumon Math Program
135Jiayi-Bi1996399325995%1345293522@qq.comFemaleQingdao No.58 Middle SchoolAcademic, MusicMathPianoI am patient with children and I love teaching children. I am good at maths so I want to help others improve their mathematical skills. To illustrate, I got top 25% in Euclid Contest.
For piano, I have learned it for almost ten years. I really love playing the piano. I enjoy the sound I played. I want to spread music to everywhere, to let others get relaxations and happiness from music. By the way, I got two first prizes in Singapore International Piano Competition.
134Hankun-Ye778798066811hansonye@zoho.comMalePoint Grey secondary schoolAcademic, Music, OtherOtherTheoryWell---For instance...Mandarin I suppose? I can do higher levels (Eg: Grade 10-12)
Lower levels should also be ok~
I'm fluent, and it's my first language-----Though, for the most of the time, I prefer the simplified version
I can also teach [music theory];Personally, I'm preparing for the level eight exam, thus I can teach everything around Level six theory
133Shenger Chen778776663311chenshenger@gmail.comFemaleEric Hamber Secondary SchoolMusicTheory, PianoI’ve completed RCM Level 10 Piano, Level 10 Harmony and History, ARCT Piano Performance, ARCT Harmony and History, Elementary Piano Pedagogy, Intermediate Piano Pedagogy. I finished all the music theory levels and I’m a certified piano teacher.
132Jenny Dong77868661889jennydongcanada@gmail.comFemaleBurnaby North Secondary SchoolAcademic, MusicMath, EnglishTheory, PianoPIANO- I have 9+ years of experience with the piano. I initially decided that I wanted to play the piano when I developed a strong passion for playing a musical instrument as I idolized those who played the piano in songs and on YouTube. Once I began taking lessons, I was deeply fascinated by the amount of hard work and patience needed to master piano playing. I became eager to do well on my part as a new pianist and work hard so I am able to do well as notable pianists such as Lang Lang. Everyday, I would diligently practice for one hour, and play at least 10 times on one piece so I am able to not only play it fluently, but help me memorize every detail, so it will be beneficial when I am memorizing it for a performance. Throughout my piano career, I’ve attended music festivals in my music school each year in May for 5 years. In 2017, I have also participated Vancouver KIWANIS music festivals and won 1st place in class 606B3 for Intermediate Division Classical Composers and 3rd place in class 607B2 for Intermediate Division Baroque Composers. I am proud to say that my conscientious and punctilious behavior towards playing has rewarded me with gold medals each year as the class winner. I have completed my practical piano exams up to Grade 8 at honors with distinction. I am currently in the process of preparing for my Level 10 exam, which I wish will take place sometime next year. Personally, I view piano as a therapeutic method to distract myself from reality from any ongoing personal problem. I always find myself playing certain pieces that allow any burdened anger or sadness to be released. I hope those who plays piano realize how important and beneficial it is to be able to play a musical instrument, and how much joy it can bring to one’s life.
*I would like to teach students who range from preliminary - grade 5*

THEORY- Alongside playing the piano, I’ve also taken theory classes. I have successfully passed all levels of theory, from rudiments to History 10, and have been featured in my teacher's newsletters of those who got marks higher than 90. For me, theory is a key component in being able to further develop one's knowledge on the history and origins of music, musical instruments, and famous composers. Theory also helps those who wish to become future composers understand the proper way to write a successful piece.
* I would like to teach students who range from rudiments-History*

MATH- Math still remains as my top three favorite academic courses. I first developed a deep interest in math when I realized that I wasn’t able to “survive” in life without understanding how math works. Truly, math is everywhere, and in everyday life. It can be used to measure the area of a pool you wish to install in your backyard, or being able to quickly recognize the mistake in change the cashier gave you. Knowing that math is used in everything, I felt a need to learn this subject well, and make it my favorite academic course. In fact, math quickly became my favorite subject in school, because I was able to understand what I was doing. I did my first Gauss test in Grade 6, and continued participating in the school math contests. In grade 8, my honors class attempted to do the Pascal test, and I ranked top 5 in my class. In addition, my grade for math each year is an A. Personally, I feel that many people portray math as the worst subject, but honestly, math is a subject that can be picked up very easily once one is able to understand the concept, as the rest of the questions all follow the same rules.
*I would like to teach students who are in kindergarten to grade 5*

ENGLISH- As early as 6 years old, I began reading chapter books and comic books from my school library. I didn’t enjoy reading picture books as much because I was able to understand and read all the words, and I didn’t necessarily need visuals to go with it as well. I have written journals everyday after school for 1+ year to develop my writing skills and write new words in a notebook as well. I believe that developing good study habits can help mold a person in who they want to be and motivate them into tackling all different varieties in life.
I remember I began reading the entire Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows that I picked out from my school library, and occasionally going to my local library to pick out 10+ chapter books to read during the day. Throughout the years, my top genres for books are romance, mystery, history and sci-fi. Some of my favorite books are “The Haunting of Hill House”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”, and “Cleopatra”. This year, two of my essays were chosen at my English institute, with my most successful work “The Secret to Happiness” earning the third place for my level. In school, I am proud to say that I’ve consistently maintained an A every year. In my free time, I enjoy writing short poems, and especially going on Pinterest, where I can find a wide selection of inspirational quotes, famous poems, and fun word definitions.
*I would like to teach students in kindergarten to Grade 5*

I look forward to teaching any students who need assistance to achieve their goals!
131TszTok (Josh) Wang77832597579happyjosh2020@gmail.comMaleMulgrave SchoolAcademicMathMathematics achievements:
Gauss 7 honor roll
AMC 8 honor roll
Math challengers regional team champion
Pascal team honor roll, top 5%
AMC 10 Top 25%

Completion of Prealgebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2

Student level: Up to Grade 9/Algebra 2
130Brayden Tang77868151589braydentang2016@gmail.comMaleFraser Heights SecondaryAcademicMath, SocialI work well with others and am proficient in most subjects, especially history and math. I do swimming at a provincial level and consistently get A's in school. I have fully completed and understand math to math 10 and got a 96 percent in my school's Math Honors 10 class.
129Jerry Chen604710119510 in September 2021chenlogan33@gmail.comMalePacific AcademyAcademicMath, English, Social, Science
128Meng Yang Li778708375812swagger24680@gmail.comMaleNew Westminster Secondary SchoolAcademicEnglish, ScienceI am about to go into grade 12 IB Diploma at New Westminster Secondary School. I have taken English 11 SL, Chem 11 HL and Physics 11 SL. I also attend an advanced english class for extracurricular activity.
127Alice Wang2368386827Grade 91374864556@qq.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademicMathOnline,I want to teach primary student.
126Lecia-Zhu778814733010lyz.bc.711@gmail.comFemaleNew Westminster Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, English, Social, Science, OtherFrench Immersion Pre-IB student going into IB, Grade 11, in September 2021. Recieved the RCM ARCT Piano certification. Can tutor students in Math, English, Socials, Sciences and French in grades 10 or lower.
125Emily Ying77888818159emily.ying1978@gmail.comFemaleLord ByngAcademic, ArtsMath, EnglishDrawing, Sketching, Painting, Cartoon
124Rhiannon Liu778636839992198450261@qq.comFemaleKitsilano Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI am a 9th grade student and had already completed Pre Calculus 10. And I would like to tutor students from 9 to 13 years old
123Yueqi(Evan) Yu778798399811evanyu138@gmail.comMaleHandsworth Secondary SchoolAcademicMath
122Huamin Lu647-493-55189huaminhuawei3@gmail.comMaleMentor CollegeAcademicMath, EnglishI am a high school student at Mentor College, and in the past, I have earned awards for the best averages in history and science in the class, and also received an honor roll in grade 8 by getting an average above 80%. I also participated in the Lego Mechanics competition twice. I am now preparing for the grade 8 RCMC piano exam. Also, I am a self-proclaimed 3D artist who excels at modeling. I would prefer to teach math and english to students in grade 2 & 3.
121Jerry Yang77892685777jerryyang024@gmail.comMaleVan Horne ElementaryAcademicMathMy name is Jerry. I have competed in the Waterloo grade 7 and 8 and got into the top 25 percent, and I have also competed in the math kangaroo grade 7 and 8 during 2021. I think I could solve all the math questions that's in the area of grade 7 school math and below. At school, I've helped a lot of people on their math by explaining the questions step by step. I think I could explain very well on the math challenges to the lower grade buddies. I am a person who likes to working on challenging problems, and a boy who can have fun studying. I hope that the little buddies and I can enjoy our time together.
120Huawei Lu647 863 87969huaminhuawei3@gmail.comMaleMentor CollegeAcademicMath, EnglishMy talented subjects are math, music and science. I accomplished the Microsoft Office Specialist exams for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. At school, I won the Artist of the Month award (for music), Honors with Distinction award (having an average grade over 90%) and a Science award for the highest average science mark in 8th grade. I am currently preparing for the grade 8 RCM Piano exam. I would prefer to teach between grades 2 to 3.
119Jacky Yang77892685777jackyyang024@gmail.comMaleVan Horne ElementaryAcademic, ArtsMathSketchingHi, my name is Jacky. I'm turning grade 8 this year. I have lots of interests such as art, music, soccer, and figure skating. I'm interested at math and I attempted to several competitions. I scored well on most of them. I have completed the math potentials program delta level, which is an up to grade 9 math class. I'm patient and positive to teach students. I think I will be able to tech students who are interested at math that are under grade 7.
118Duncan Yang778829128810 into 11duncany05@gmail.comMaleEcole Sentinel SecondaryAcademicMath, ScienceStrongest in Math and Sciences. I find math the most intriguing of all the academic courses and developed an adequate understanding of the subject over the past years. Since elementary, I've earned A's in both math and science up until grade 10 (currently). Additionally, I have had experience helping children in different fields and enjoyed it very much. I consider myself to be friendly and can quickly diminish the gap between the mentee and myself. I would prefer to tutor math and science in the range between grade 3 to grade 8. I completed Physics 11 in school and earned a 94% for science and similarly in Pre-calc 11 math. I Outside of school I am a national team athlete for fencing and enjoy playing other sports during my free time.
117Jiayi Bi19963993259951345293522@qq.comFemaleQingdao No.58 Senior High SchoolAcademic, MusicMath, SciencePianoFor Math, I got 97 GPA in this subject. I also joined Euclid Contest and I entered the top 25% of the world.
For piano, I have learned to play the piano since I was 5 years old. I have strong passsionate to play the piano and I enjoy the music a lot when I play the piano. I also got many awards. I got two first prizes in Singapore International Piano Competition.
116Joey Zhang236 862 2602Going into grade 11joeyzhangedu@gmail.comMaleBurnaby South Secondary SchoolAcademic, OtherEnglish, Social, ScienceI am able to teach humanitarian courses, such as socials or english. My science is not as good but I am still able to teach science as well, especially biology. On top of that, extending the arts category, I am also able to teach theatre, as well as improv theatre. Theatre is my speciality! So if you are wanting someone to teach something along those lines, let me know 🙂

PS: Please give the option of more than two genders for the application sheet. Thank you very much.
115Xiaohang Xu204298830610xxu@balmoralhall.caFemaleBalmoralhall SchoolAcademic, Arts, MusicMath, ScienceDrawing, Sketching, CartoonTheory, PianoI prefer to tutor math, science for academic subjects, I am good at math and science at school and I have placed top 25% in my region for University of Waterloo math contest. I also competed in the Breakthrough Junior challenge this year. For piano, I started piano at age 6, I have RCM levels 7 and 8 certificate, as well as level 8 theory certificate. I also completed and got first class honors in RCM level 9 history, and I just completed RCM level 10 history exam. I am currently working on level 10 playing exam and am about to take the playing exam in summer of 2022. I competed in many art and cartoon contests, I have a certificate in cartoon level 4, and I also started drawing and sketching classes since I was 4, and am still practicing.
114yu tong Wu778879587512yutongwu0805@gmail.comMaleFraser Heights secondary schoolAcademic, SportsMath, English, ScienceOtherI did pretty well on Sat test. I am good at math. science and English. Also. I am a national swimming champion. Can tutor swimmers of all levels.
113Jessica Ma604446185411jessicam@1225g.comFemaleRiverside SecondaryAcademic, ArtsMath, English, ScienceDrawingI was in math honours for grade 9,10, and 11, also participated in many math contests too. English honours in grade 9.
I used to go to art classes, and won an excellence award at school for it in grade 9.
I guess I can teach pretty much any subject, preferably below grade 10.
112Erika Liang236808884511erikaliang520@gmail.comFemaleBurnaby North Secondary SchoolAcademic, MusicMath, EnglishPianoCurrently, I’ve just finished my grade 11 school year and I my school offers many advanced placement programs which I have taken advantage of. My grades have been consistent and high in all academic areas this year. Additionally, I passed level 10 piano last year so I’m confident I can help tutor lower-level piano players.
111Sandy Ng77871205539ngsandy2007@gmail.comFemaleRiverside SecondaryAcademicMathI am talented in Mathematics, been through many lessons since the start of grade 1, and have still continued and taught my cousins and friends daily as their personal tutor. I would b like to teach grade 4-9 math courses.
110Eleanor Liu778 986 126892491901@learn.vsb.bc.caFemaleLord Byng Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, English, Social, Science, OtherMath 10: 99%
Math Challengers 2021: 44/50, 2nd in school, 9th in province
Science 10: 97%
Science 9: Extending
Socials 9: Extending, unofficial score 97.1%
English 9: Extending
French 9: Extending
109Alice Wang2368386827Grade 91374864556@qq.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill secondary schoolAcademic, MusicMathPianograde1-7,piano level1-8
108Stella77888536099stellazhou0726@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston ChurchillArtsPainting
107LukeShu8yeet_luke@yahoo.comMaleRichmond High SchoolAcademic, MusicMath, English, ScienceTheoryI have harmony level 10, and everything below theory 8, piano level 8, math 8, science 8, Gauss 8 contest distinction, finishing history 9
106Queena Li60450635589, 10 in Septemberqli0920@gmail.comFemalePort Moody SecondaryAcademicMath, English, Social, ScienceI'm a pre-ib student and part of the sd43 gifted program. I'm especially adept in Socials and English however I'm willing to tutor any academic subject for any level from elementary to middle school. Additionally, have basic fluency in mandarin.
105Rong Ge60435233679gerong2006@gmail.comFemaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, OtherI had passed piano level 10 in China, and piano level 5 in Canada. I prefer to teach Chinese and Math.
104Cici Gao77891961889cicigao1103@gemil.comFemalekitsilano secondary schoolAcademicMathHave a good grade in math9 & math8.
Learning math10 on VLN, have good grades.
Participated in pascal competition this year.
Lots of voluntary tutoring experience.
Kind and inclusive.
103Annabelle Liu67251357349776494@edu.burnabyschools.caFemaleMoscrop SecondaryAcademicMath, English
102Rebecca Huang236869010611miaomiao20050113@gmail.comFemalePalmer Secondary SchoolAcademicOtherMy Chinese grades are equivalent to the Chinese high school level. I was born and grew up in Beijing, China, and Mandarin is very standard. I have more than enough tutoring in Mandarin.
101Peichen-Li778798258611tyson122005@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademic, MusicMath, EnglishGuitar
100Linda (currently in China)778-887-8176G10zhangyaqing2018@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, English, OtherI am Linda and I was currently in China. I am a grade 10 student in Elgin Park Secondary School. I am good at teaching Mandarin, Math and English.
98Zeyu-Huang77888716751120040623jack@gmail.comMalePinetree Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, ScienceI got 100 percent in calculus 12, 98 percent in precalculus 12 and physics 12, and 97 percent in chemistry 12. I am glad to be your tutor. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
97Jack.Tian778 828 6166G 9jacktian89@gmail.comMaleSentinel secondary schoolOtheri have been doing Kumon for almost 2 years now, and i can explain the question
95Nicole li778512088611nnicolee.li@gamil.comFemaleBurnaby North secondaryAcademicMath, Social
94Yize Liang077832529739liangyize0719@gmail.comMalePrince of WalesAcademicMath, OtherI would perfer teaching Chinese if available
93Randy Du604-700-56619randydu2007@gmail.comMaleFraser Heights SecondaryAcademic, MusicMath, EnglishPianoI am currently in level 10 of piano and I have finished my piano history and theory. I'd prefer to tutor math and English over piano.
92Trista7788878176G10zhangyaqing2018@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park Secondary SchoolAcademic, ArtsMathDrawingI am good at Math and Chinese as well as drawing. I like to communicate with peers and the people around me. I think it is interesting to teach and help others. I have finished Precal 11 with a very high grade. I believe I can help the others find the fun in learning. Looking forward to your reply.
91Sophia Xu77831960999sophia08142006@gmail.comFemaleStevenston London Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI prefer to teach Math because I am really good at it (Achieving an A)and i have confidence to teach it.
89Samantha Sun236880836210 (going into IB this September)samanthawenjiesun@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary (Gr9-10), St. John’s School (Grade 11&12)Academic, Arts, Music, OtherMath, English, Social, OtherDrawing, PaintingGuitarI am a well qualified debater (2+ years experience). I got championship at the Georgetown nationals debate tournament, got Quarters at Harvard 2021, Octos at Stanford 2021, and Semi finalist at Kentucky 2020. I did 5 APs in total: Both economics, US history, Human Geography and Statistics. My favourite subject is History, and I will be working on a history related research paper with the Concord Review this summer.
Im also pretty good at math as I selected IB HL math for next year, Im finishing Grade 11 math in school while getting the IB curriculum done in the summer.
With music and art, I’ve been taking lessons on them since I was 3. I am a oil painter and love to interact with little kids to inspire their artistic interests. I’m also in love with music, as I play Guzheng (8years), Guitar, and ukulele ( both 3 years). For guitar, I play both acoustic and classical. I also love to sing, so performing with guitar is one thing I enjoy.
I don’t have a strong preference in the subjects I wanna do, but it’d be great if I can teach online. (I haven’t got my vaccine yet)
88David Cai604352667510davidsyzdydsg@gmail.comMaleRC Palmer Secondary SchoolAcademic, MusicMathGuitarCurrently grade 10 and learning grade 11 math.
I do speak Mandarin.
Have been learning acoustic guitar for one year.
87Aryanna Wu604-679-74108aryannawu2007@gmail.comFemaleJ.N. Burnett SecondaryAcademicMath, EnglishI have achieved level 8 piano and theory. I would like to teach Math or English one hour per week.
86Kevin Lei778551508610kevinleimc@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicMathPrelude at Sir Winston Churchill and attending the IB course next year. Can teach any subject at any grade below 10, preferably math.
85Isabella Su604808103010isbaellasu124@gmail.comFemaleNotre Dame Regional Secondary SchoolAcademic, MusicMathPianoI have my ARCT diploma from The Royal Conservatory of Music. I have a certificate from the RCM regarding teaching elementary piano.
As for academics, my grade 11 math, I received a final mark of 100%.
84Engracia Sun60464987128engraciasun@gmail.comFemaleVancouver Christian SchoolAcademicEnglishGood at English, especially Spelling and Writing. Has studied French for 7 years. I would prefer Grades K-3, and to tutor English and French.
83Charles Ma778858072010125-cma@sd43.bc.caMaleGleneagle Secondary SchoolAcademicMathTalented in mental math skills, participated in several math contests including distinction award from Gauss Math contest in grade 7-8.

Interested in teaching math skills to kids who are in elementary (grade 1-5).
82Michelle778227073311michellelei020@gmail.comFemaleSemiahmoo secondary schoolAcademic, ArtsMath, OtherDrawing, Sketching, PaintingPhysics :IB Physics 11-7 AP physics 1:5 math : I guess it's ok ?
81Dang Lin2368889869103120252476lindang@gmail.comMaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI am a international student from China. I am good at math but my English is not very good.
80Ethan(Yi Jun) Wang778798587110ethanwang428@gmail.comMaleEarl Marriott secondaryAcademic, Arts, SportsMathDrawing, SketchingSoccerI am Yi Jun Wang, I prefer to be known as Ethan. I have some experience in math and drawing. I also joined soccer club as a hobby. I wish to spend my free time to help others in learning.
79Aidan604767162811aidanzhang05@gmail.comMaleFraser Heights SecondaryAcademic, Arts, SportsMath, English, Social, ScienceDrawing, Sketching, Painting, CartoonBasketball, Soccer, Volleyball1) Have been drawing art with passion since a young age. Participated in many art competitions and won many awards .

2) Currently playing badminton at an provincial level and will coach the badminton team once season starts. Been playing basketball for 8 years and joined many clubs and teams.

3) Participated in Air Cadets for 4 years and will join the schools leadership program in Sept.
78Christina Shi778 751 699310syh200521christina@gmail.comFemaleLord Tweedsmuir Secondary SchoolAcademicMath
77Freddy Yifan Wang23686895779wfred2110@gmail.comMaleBurnettAcademic, Arts, Sports, OtherMath, Social, OtherDrawing, Sketching, Painting, Cartoon, OtherBasketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Other
76David Hu77895121059davdiddavid1@gmail.comMaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMathGroup III (36 scores) in Fryer 2021
5th of 60 in Caribou virtual school Caribou Contest 2021
Top 25% in Cayley 2021
75Kevin Lei778551508610kevinleimc@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicMathCurrently part of the Prelude program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and will be attending the I.B. program next year. I can tutor any subject below grade 10, but I would prefer to teach math.
74Miranda Ni77889644798mirandalyni0802@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park ElementaryAcademicMathMy talented subject is math. I've already completed the grade 9 math curriculum. I would like to tutor 5, 6, or 7th graders.
73Stephanie Shen604781281310stephshen0304@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicEnglishI am good at English and would be able to read to younger kids or give them simple tasks like spelling tests and the like. I'm going into the IB Program this coming school year, so I feel that I am qualified to help younger kids with their English. For a time, I would like to do the class once per week for an hour. I would also like to receive the volunteer certificate once I am done. Thank you very much.
72Junyue Wang2368637669Grade 10junewang98@gmail.comFemaleUniversity Hill SecondaryAcademicMathI’ve already finished Pre-calculus 11 and get an A in this subject. I think I can afford the responsibility of tutoring the junior students mathematics.
71Claire Liu77895306199claireliu518@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademic, MusicMathGuitarI thoroughly understand and received A’s for both Math 8 and 9, and can transfer these understandings to others. I have also completed piano up to Level 8 and can play Level 10 songs. I have also finished all three theory levels, the last level with a 95%. I found a passion for guitar, and completed guitar 9 with an 100%.
70Dang Lin2368889869103120252476lijdang@gmail.comMaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI am good at math, I got 100% in math this midterm. But I am not really good at English, I am an international student.
69YUEHAO SHI778 751 699310syh200521christina@gmail.comFemaleLord Tweedsmuir Secondary SchoolAcademicMathMy math grade have always been above 93. I'm in grade 10 now, but I've finished pre-calculus 11 so I have the ability to help others, and I'm also a honor roll student in my school.
68YiQin Wang. (Olivia)7787985732Currently in grade nine but going into grade tenoliviawang428@gmail.comFemaleEarl Marriott secondaryAcademicMath, ScienceHi I am Olivia and the subject i am pretty good at is math. I used to have one of the highest score and skill for math in my elementary school. Right now I am currently attending earl Marriott secondary and taking accelerated math. I already finished grade 10 math with a 95%. I prefer to teach math and science but I think my math skills is better than my science skills. I will want to teach children with a math level of grade 6 and down and I can help them with their homework and teach some new concepts.
67Anna Tang236881890010atang0485@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademic, ArtsMath, English, OtherDrawing, Sketching, Painting, Cartoon, OtherBowseat Art Contest, The Next Gen Art Contest, North East Asian Mathematics Competition (NEAMC), IB French, DELF c1, SAT, etc.
66Emma Wu7787880921grade 10emmawu068@gmail.comFemaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMath
65Simon Huang778885441311a2311390172@gmail.comMaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMathHave done pre calculus 11 and 12. (99%and 96%) And have experience on tutoring.
64Louie Yan77882996669godmodeoffical@gmail.comMaleElgin Park SecondaryAcademicMath, EnglishI am a student who is currently attending high school in Elgin Park. I have taught other kids before ranging from grade 2-4. I wouldn't say I'm skilled but I am confident to teach math and English for elementary school students :D.
63Henry Yan60472633779henryyandd@gmail.comMaleElgin park secondaryAcademicMath, English
61Aspen Yang778899986911tzyzg135@163.comMaleJonathan AcademyAcademic, OtherSocial, OtherI am good at sociology or humanities subjects, especially subjects related to history, culture and geography. In addition, because I have studied in China for 9 years, I have a certain degree of study and research on the Chinese language (Simplified Chinese, Mandarin and five Chinese dialects), oriental history and oriental cultures/traditions.
60Thomas778751338510dina775@sina.comMaleChurchillAcademic, Arts, MusicScienceCartoonOtherGrade 8 Science and English, Saxophone Beginner, Art Cartoon
59Jiahui77888536099stellazhou0726@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston ChurchillAcademicMath
58Mark-Chen604727071510markbosen@gmail.comMaleHandsworth SecondaryAcademicMath, ScienceI am a grade 10 student in Handsworth secondary. I feel confident and passionate about both maths and science. In school, I am one year ahead in math(meaning I am doing grade 11 math right now). I would perfer to teach students for grade 2 to grade 7.
57John Lui23633451789, will be 10 in Septemberjohnluiwk@gmail.comMaleSemiahmoo SecondaryAcademicMath, English, SocialAbout me:
- all "A" student,
- member of gifted program,
-experiences in class teaching, online tutoring, community M/C, activity leader, public speaking, etc.
Can tutor English, Math, Social, Digital media/ video making.
56Tianhao Li236880621610xjing19722013@126.comMaleelginparkAcademic, MusicMath, OtherTheory, Other可以辅导中文,围棋,音乐可以辅导()黑管,钢琴1—4级,(1—6级乐理),数学1—7年级
55li tianhao236880621610xjing19722013@126.comMaleelginparkAcademic, MusicMath, OtherTheory, Other
54Max Wang7788855730107788855730max@gmail.comMaleEric Hamber Secondary SchoolAcademicMath
53Evan Ting60451247986&7eventing2552@gmail.comMaleBayview elementaryAcademicMath, EnglishAMC and other math competitions are top 5%. Gifted student at school. Good at math, English and French.
52Clay Jadhav778896927510smartieclay@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademic, Sports, OtherMath, English, Social, ScienceSoccer, VolleyballAt Churchill Secondary School, I studied for 2 years in the Synergy Program. Currently, I am enrolled in the Prelude Program and have learned a great deal. I have also got accepted by International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program for my Grade 11 & 12 years. During my 3 years at Churchill so far, I am a member of the Churchill Soccer Team and we won the city championship in 2019. I am also a performer for the Churchill OneActs. During my spare time, I love to play soccer, I love to act, and I very much enjoy building computers. I enjoy interacting, socializing and want to make a positive difference in the world. One tutoring session at a time.
51Fiona Zhang61379599999fiona13650911188@gmail.comFemaleSt. Mother teresa high schoolAcademicMathI’m pretty good at Math, in school I can get 96% at the end of the year, so I’m sure I can help other students well.
50Cherry Tang236777934010arandomcherry233@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademic, ArtsMathDrawing, Sketching, Cartoon, OtherFor math I can teach all elementary school grades (1-7) I have learned up to grade 10 math (8-10 in honors mathematics class) and won 8th place in the caribou contest (elementary math). For art I have learned sketching for 3 years and likes to draw anime in my free time (cartoon is also ok!) There is no limit, anyone who is a beginner to drawing/sketching/cartoon/anime art is welcome.
49Cherry Tang236777934010arandomcherry233@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademic, ArtsMathDrawing, Sketching, Cartoon, OtherI have learned all the way up to grade 10 math (8-10in an honors mathematics class at school). I have won 8th place I have also learned sketching for 3 years and likes to draw anime (cartoon is also fine!)
48Ryan Wang60456375269ryanbcwang@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademic, OtherMath, English, Social, Science- Can teach any mathematical area => Gr. 9 or lower
- Native English speaker
- Passionate for socials, science and the world around us
- Comfortable teaching on Zoom, MS Teams or any other program
47Cherry Lin77868088789weiqi7712235806@gmail.comFemaleCrofton House SchoolAcademic, ArtsMathDrawing, Sketching, Painting, CartoonAt school, I am in grade 9 but in accelerated class and am capable of doing grade 10 level math. For Math, I think I am comfortable with teaching k-6 math content. I can also teach some Mandarin if there is any need for that. For art, I am not a professional but taken courses learning acrylic, oil painting, quick sketch, sketching, and watercolour. I will be able to provide any basic guidance in those categories to the peer. On my own, I also learned to do the digital drawing (on my iPad) and have accepted some commissions for profile pictures and such. I can provide experiences with those.
46Darcy Niu778316771210hannaible12345@outlook.comFemaleSt. John's SchoolAcademicMathI am passionate about math and science. I'm currently in MYP IB Math 10 so I would be very willing to teach grade 9 math and below. Other than learning math at school, I also actively participate in math contests, I was the top 25% in Fryer contest when I was in grade 8, top 25% in CIMC contest in grade 10, and I also participated in Cayley (25%)and Galois this year.
45Amanda Feng77855926288amandafxy1203@gmail.comFemaleKwayhuitum Middle SchoolAcademicMath
44PunCheong-Chan778889993911danielpuncheongchan@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, ScienceI am a straight-A student and highly motivated. I often help my brother with his homework so I've formulated strategic initiatives that I feel would be able to handle all the challenges. I finished all the science 11 courses (chemistry, physics, and biology) and math 11, I believe I can help them with the knowledge I learned.
43Johnny Geng604767130110JohnnyG12345678@hotmail.comMaleLord Byng SecondaryAcademicMathI prefer to tutor math in grades 1-4
42Jasmine Jiang604 7541 80811jasminejiang0808@gmail.comFemaleWest Vancouver Secondary SchoolArtsDrawing, Painting, Cartoon- Doing IB Arts this year
- Learn Sketch for more than 5 years (can teach including lighting, structure...
- Can speak Chines very well
- Can also teach Adobe Photoshop
- Responsible for the illustration section of our school yearbook.
- Can teach human body structure (if you wanna do anime
- Don't really wants to turn on the camera
41Keyu/Denise Liu778512016010keyuliu45@gmail.comFemaleFraser Heights Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, Science
40Paige Han778917827211yllyfh272@gmail.comFemaleEric Hamber Secondary SchoolAcademicMathI am good at Algebra and Geometry.
39Nathaniel wu77888371087nathanielwu1022@gmail.comMaleJamieson elementaryMusicPiano
38Leila Qi-Zhen Wan604-728-27198leiwan0719@hotmail.comFemaleUnniversity-Hill SecondaryAcademic, SportsScience, OtherTennisI have heard from University-Hill Secondary School that your association has openings for 7 U-Hill students as online class and homework tutors for elementary students. I want to apply for the position.

In the future, I would like to apply as a volunteer tennis coach. My current tennis coach said that I had reached grade 12 students and could be a coach for peers. I have learned to practice tennis since age 6.
36Kevin Xie778862936811xjkkevin@gmail.comMaleUniversity Hill SecondaryAcademicEnglish, SocialAP Macroeconomics- 5
Self-learning the History of China from 1700-2000 on Harvard’s site of online courses
35Bohan-Tang2368882851102790125751tbh@gmail.comMaleUniversity Hill SecondaryAcademicMath
34Yoyo Zhao236863681910yoyozhao2005@gmail.comFemalePoint Grey Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, English, Science
33Purnendu Ding604655069011dyp.dyp@icloud.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademic, MusicMath, OtherOtherFor academic, I have completed pre calculus 11 and 12, and I’d like to help grade 10 students or below. I could also speak, read, and write mandarin fluently, and I’m comfortable to help all level of students. For music, I can play an Indian classical instrument called Tabla(I have learnt for 5+ years), and I could dance. The name of dance is called Kathak(I have leant it for 10+years). For music, I’m also comfortable to help all level of students.
32Matthew Wang778319061610matthewwang0106@gmail.comMaleUniversity Hill Secondary SchoolAcademic, SportsMath, EnglishBasketballI can tutor math at all levels up to grade 10, as well as English and basketball as a post player + mid-range shooter.
31Nora Lu77879817789lu0718696@gmail.comFemaleUhillAcademicOtherChinese
30Megha Ding60436506909MeghaDing@163.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolArts, MusicDrawing, PaintingTheory, PianoHello, my name is Megha Ding. I am good at music theory and piano. I have finished the 8th and 9th music theory exams. I will test 8th piano and 10th music theory in May this year. I also studied art in school, and I usually paint at home. I have just arrived in Canada for less than a year and a half. Maybe my English is not that good, but I volunteered to practice English, make friends and help others.
29Eric Zhu778323263511ericzhu1214@gmail.comMalePoint Grey SecondaryAcademicScienceI am a grade 11 student with an overall average of 95%. I received high grades in all of my sciences and maths but I would be interested in tutoring science because I would like to pursue sciences in the future. I have a younger brother who is in grade 6 , so I have experience with children.
28Yuhan Zhang778319532611harrietzyh@gmail.comFemaleUniversity Hill Secondary SchoolAcademicMath, Social, Other
27ZIYI WANG77888666198andywzy2020@gmail.comMaleHANDSWORTHAcademic, Sports
26Shawn-Shi77896051098shawnyboy1634@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicI can definitely teach students at a grade 4 level and below. I can also teach the basic of coding (Python and C++) or using "Scratch"
25ZIYI WANG77888666168andywzy2020@gmail.comMaleHANDSWORTHAcademic, Sports
24Nathan Yan60432898108cathychen2000@hotmail.comMaleDavid Thompson secondaryAcademic
23Jacky Feng236808101211frc.jackyf@gmail.comMaleMagee Secondary SchoolAcademicGood at Math. Pre-cal 12 is completed with an high A. I would like to teach students under grade 6. This is my first time tutoring others, but I am confident about my teaching skills.
22Yunxing Fu77899129708kevinfuqq@gmail.comMaleJ. N. Burnett Secondary SchoolAcademic, SportsInterested in teaching math. My reportcard score is 98 out of 100 in math. I have also played 3 years of badminton!
21Jason Niu77831933579jasonniu1109@gmail.comMaleCollingwood SchoolAcademic, Music, SportsI am learning Precal 11 in Grade 9,and I am an outstanding student in Math.
I play a lot of sports in my free time like basketball ,rugby and badminton. I participated in my schools robotics team and I recently finished percussion RCM 6.
19Henry Yu77873783989henryyu0616@gmail.comMaleMoscrop Secondary SchoolAcademic
18JIAHAN (Joanne)778-51367509joannecai18@gmail.comFemaleSemiahmoo SecondaryAcademic, MusicI am very good at Math and Chinese. I finished Math 10 with 96%.
I was born in China and I lived in Beijing for 12 years, so I have no problem with Mandarin, writing, and vocabulary. Besides, I am preparing for the AP Chinese.
I also play the piano for nine years. I have the qualification of RCM Piano Level 9. I passed the RCM Piano Level 10 exam on January 2021 with grades 84.
17Ethan Yu60456433689chaoqianyu@gmail.comMaleSir Winston ChurchillAcademic, MusicMathPianoI have passed RCM level 10 Piano test and level 10 Harmony.
14Christine wang77896741289wangyg7705@gmail.comFemaleSt. Michael university SchoolAcademic
12Daniel Zhou778917026510danielzhou8080@gmail.comMaleChurchillAcademic, Music, SportsMath, English, Social, SciencePianoBasketballGood at basket ball, Piano RCM level 10. Capable to teach math, English, Social upto G5.
11Eric Li778-814859910ericli3780@gmail.comMaleEric HamberAcademicSome math stuff
10Eric Jin778522776910ericjin050410@gmail.comMaleChurchill SecondaryAcademic, SportsSocial, Math"AAA" Hockey, Life guard, Blue trail Skiing. Any type of sports, and some war history
9Owen Shi604 417420811owenshi618@gmail.comMaleRichmond SecondaryAcademicSocial, Math, English, SciencePrincipal's Honor Roll (Straight As) for both grades 9 and 10
IB Dipolma Program (Currenty Enrolled)
Chemistry (able to teach up to G10)
Biology (able to teach up to G10)
English (able to teach up to G10)
8Oscar Shi778-985348210itsaok365@gmail.comMaleEric HamberAcademic, Sports, MusicMath, English, SciencePiano, TheoryI have an RCM ARCT certificate. (Picture of certificate uploaded)
Idk I can do well in gr9 everything probably? (Do I need to upload my report cards? If I do just tell me and I'll refill the form.)
Math up to Gr10 (I could try Gr.11 if I have to)
English at any level
Reading at any level
Piano up to RCM Lvl.10 (I would prefer they are at least lvl.5 🙃)
Science up to Gr.10 (because afterwards, it splits into different sub-subjects)
I could try to help with Physics 11
I could try to help with Chem11
7Naomi Amin778316548311naomiamin05@gmail.comFemaleChurchill SecondaryAcademic
6Noah Yu604677539710n9102142@gmail.comMaleEric HamberAcademic, MusicStraight A student in advanced placement math and sciences, RCM ARCT graduate, 6046531605 to text, 6046775397 to call
5Toby Ye236-412751211toby.ye@icloud.comMaleRichmond SecondaryAcademic
4Jennifer Zhang778697997310zhangjennifer31@gmail.comFemaleUniversity Hill Secondary SchoolAcademic, Music, SportsSports:
- Trained competitively for 9 years
- Assistant Tennis Coach at Richmond Country Club and help teach weekly orange ball lessons for kids ages 5-10
- 2+ experience coaching people tennis of all ages

Georgetown Spring 2021 Tournament
• Co-champion
• Golden Gavel (Top Speaker)

The Princeton Classic Speech Tournament
• Quarterfinalist

47th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament
• Junior Varsity International 3rd place speaker

World Scholar's Cup Tournaments of Champions
• 12th Place Team
World Scholar's Cup Sydney Globals
• 3rd Place Team
World Scholar's Cup Vancouver Regionals
• 2nd Place Team

University Hill WSC Club
• Club Co-founder
• Coordinated and directed weekly club meetings that revolve around furthering student's debate, writing, and collaboration skills
• Created and organized class material to teach club members

Project CLAIR Growth Coordinator

Royal Conservatory Grade 10 Certificate - Piano
3Leo Zhou778858668710as13057500188@gmail.comMaleSir Winston Churchill SecondaryAcademicMath, OtherMath(pre-cal 11) and Mandarin(first language)
2Mu Han Yu77828851819ethan.yu217@gmail.comMaleRichmond SecondaryAcademicRCM Speech Arts Level 8, Vancouver Speech Arts and Drama Festival Silver Standing
(Had Trouble Sending the Files)
1Victoria604617994410tanvictoria24@gmail.comFemaleSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAcademic