Learning can be hard, especially when faced with projects and assignments that are overwhelming. However, learning does not have to be a frustrating process; you do not have to struggle alone. Connect with our Mentors who are capable, available, and friendly. Enjoy the process of learning while growing together with a peer. No matter how knowledgeable you may be, it’s always better to have someone working with you.


The visionary eyes can see miracles, the creative minds have no form. Let kids inspire each other with their talent minds. Support instead of shape, encourage instead of burden, share instead of teach. Everyone could be an artist.


Everyone loves music, but not everyone loves the repetitive practice. Mistakes can cause discouragement which often leads to less music played. If you have forgotten how to play some parts of a song or are having trouble with that specific part of a melody, do not fret. Focus on learning the right way without being judged with one of our excellent music mentors. We will help you overcome challenges you may face and may even teach new songs or techniques. Never fear another song, exam, or recital again.


What fun are sports if you have no one to play with? Our passionate sports mentors are ready to help you progress in your sport. Not only will you benefit physically from the great exercises, but also learn how to play and train with purpose. Get moving with one of our energetic peers today.