PMA Executive Positions

Human Resources 人力资源 (work on people)

Job Description:

Recruiting member, tutor volunteers for Society. Process interview, evaluate, accepting member or tutor applications. Contact learners and tutors to setup tutoring or workshop learning sessions. Record volunteering hours, activity log. Issue volunteer certificates. Monitoring tutor and student attendances. Record cancellations. Overlook the tutor and learner interactions, review feedback with tutors to maintain smooth operations.

Administrator 管理 (work on operations)

Job Description:

Finding sponsors, guest speakers, and other resources for the society. Arrange meetings, events, booking spaces and venues (zoom or other online meetings or in-person in the future), coordinate speakers, guest speakers, order or shop general supplies. Post news, events, calendars. Handle general questions, feedbacks, and reviews, etc. 

Marketing/ Outreach 市场 (work on social media platforms)

Job Description:

Reach out to people that are interested in our organization, increases awareness of org. and interactions. Social media presence + recruiting and advertising. Potentially finds guest speakers for webinars and seminars.  Coordinate with HR to find more volunteer tutors, students, and sponsors.

Media Design 平面设计 (work on visual art designs)

Job Description:

Prepare visual art designs for website and social media and events publications. Requires visual art skills such as graphic, video design for social media posts, event banners, possible website images, etc.

Research/ Developer 研发 (work on subject & products)

Job Description:

Creates workshops/meetings, collaborating with HR, marketing, and other branches to brainstorm new ideas. Review the functions, operations, feedback, or requests  to create, design, develop new tutoring subjects, programs, events, or  workshops.

IT Support 科技支持 (work on technology)

Job Description:

Provide electronical solutions to social media and other e-Tools to improve productivity and smooth operations. Creates media for online events, posters, and posts. Able to effectively create engaging media.