Free Summer Tennis Workshop For Beginner-2022

Start Date开始日期:July11,2022
Finish Date结束日期:August10,2022
Date/Time日期时间:Monday , Wednesday ,Friday 4:30-6:00Pm
Location场地:Trimble Park Tennis Courts
West Point Grey
Location might be changed according to the court availability. The organizer will contact you for updates.

Please bring your own racket and 12 beginner balls.

About organizer:

Hi Everyone,My name is Leila, a girl of University Hill Secondary School. I have learned to practice tennis since age 6 and I like it very much. I have selected to the teen competitive group of UBC tennis center. I am willing to help and coaching beginners to start playing tennis.

Only 5 spaces are available. Fill up the form below to take the space. You will be add into the waiting list when spaces are full. We might have more workshops coming up.仅限5个名额,如果额满您的名字会被按顺序加入等待名单。也许晚点我们会有其它类似训练班,谢谢!

All spaces are taken, and there are 10 on the waiting list. We are getting more workshop running soon, We will let you know once it is ready. Stay tuned. Thank you!


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