Loving Knitting – Pass Love in community| 爱心编织-服务社区,让爱传递 !

On Oct 20,21,27,28. there were many volunteers participated this LOVING KNITTING event to make tukes and toys for sinior homes and some Vancouver General Hospital patients . 10月20,21,27,28日,有多名义工参加了这次“爱心编织”活动,为温哥华老人院与医院有需要帮助的人们提供各种编织帽和玩具。

LOVING LUNCH – Pass Love in community| 爱心午餐-服务社区,让爱传递 !

On Oct 7th. there were over 30 volunteers participated this LOVING LUNCH event to pack and hand out lunches to people in need on the streets of Vancouver. Over 320 lunch packs were handed out. 10月7日,有30多名义工参加了这次“爱心午餐”活动,为温哥华街头需要帮助的人们提供爱心午餐。共分发了超过320多份的爱心午餐。

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